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International Conference on
Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems and
Internet of Things
(ICoICI 2022)

11-12, August 2022 | Coimbatore, India

Organized by
Department of EEE
JCT College of Engineering and Technology
Coimbatore, India
Important Dates
Final Paper Submission Due 25 July, 2022
Registration Due 30 July, 2022
Conference Date 11-12, August 2022

About The Conference

The way humans, smart things, and intelligent systems interact and exchange information has been redefined by recent developments in computing, communication, and control technologies. Physical devices and cyber computers are becoming more intertwined through the Internet in order to develop high, user-friendly systems known as cyber-physical Systems (CPS). One of the primary facilitators of CPS is Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which is implemented through a number of computer and networking technologies. Further, this revolution will be fuelled by Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPSs), which are characterised by a deep complex interlinked process between cyber components for computation and control with intelligent technologies (such as machine learning and deep learning) and dynamic physical components that include human activities, mechanical components and surrounding environment.

The main theme of this conference is “Towards Convergence of Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things” This concept produces synergies with the more established technologies like Internet of Things [IoT], and Cyber Physical Systems [CPS] to describe and solve many of the challenges from various fields including autonomous systems, smart grids, healthcare monitoring, industrial systems & control, robotics etc. This International Conference on Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems and Internet of Things [ICoICI 2022] is devoted to advanced computing and networking technologies to enable intelligent and efficient IoT and CPS.

About - JCT College of Engineering and Technology

Shri Jagannath Educational Health and Charitable Trust was established by renowned and philanthropic people with an objective of providing education to all especially the down trodden and rural population. Considering the growing demands for technical education in the country the trust has started an engineering college namely JCT College of Engineering and Technology in Pichanur in Coimbatore for the academic year 2009-2010. The Management strives hard to enhance the professional knowledge, skills and attitudes of educators, so that they might in turn improve the learning process of students. The college aims at developing a deep understanding of the human values and social concerns among the engineering graduates Students will be encouraged to get equipped and sensitized to understand full implications of their decisions, actions and ever inactions. Above all the college will promote Technical Education to meet the requirements of a developing nation in the context of global concern at the threshold of the twenty-first century. A team of educated, enlightened, experienced technocrats with vision, firmly determined to promote high quality of education will strive to provide every facility for achieving excellence.

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